Senin, 03 April 2017

Feeling Grateful

This morning, I was up late for school. I showered like lightning and I didn't have time for breakfast. I can't afford to be late because it's going to be my third time late this semester and my parents can be furious at me. But, on the way to school I was very hungry. fortunately there is this store near my house that sells food everyday, so I decided to buy 2 pieces of Lontong to bring to school for breakfast ,and it was relatively cheap.

I'm very grateful to the owner of the store, the store saved me dozens of time before and I really can't thank her enough. The store itself usually doesn't open until 9 or 10 am but the store lady happily waited for me in case I was late. I'm really thankful to have you and your store near my house.

Senin, 27 Maret 2017

Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena is a sports event in my school where classes go head to head in sports like Futsal, relay, dodgeball basketball, volley and so on, and it's only held once a year.

the event is competition based so it's very competitive, my class XI IPS were not that good at sports but we find this event to be entertaining. we didn't win anything but we don't really care about the rewards we just want to have fun. 

my favourite sports activity in this event is futsal, unfortunately my class got kicked out by XI IPA 1 in the first round, it was a very tense round since they've won in the penalty shoot out. but I personally had a blast.

Learn From Nature

            We are surrounded by nature, from plants to animals to bacteria and fungus and so on are all part of nature. We are a part of nature, we make our living by nature. It’s why we need to cherish it, preserve it, and never destroy it. People today always wondered why do we like to ruin nature so much, we take advantage from it all the time but very rarely we give appreciation from it.
            Speaking about taking advantages from nature, we do all sorts of things from nature and often even change the genetic structure from nature itself by selective breeding of plants and animals. For example, bigger cows that produce more milk and meat will breed more than the skinny ones, and we also make fruits such as watermelons to have more volume but less seeds in them by selective breeding and changing their genes to better ones.
            Nature also gave us protection from the elements such as the wind, water, heat, and cold. Without trees, humans can never survive the earth. Trees we usually plant them to make either wood or grow them for their fruits, but we often forgot that they also what makes our air fresher, turning carbon dioxide to oxygen, habitat for a lot of animals and so on. It’s why the air on the jungle are usually fresher compared to the air from the city.
            Protect nature, and it will protect us. If we cut down all the trees on earth, then we will realize that we can’t breathe money. If we catch all the fish on the ocean then we will realize we can’t eat money. nature has an unique way of punishing us, often subtle but very deadly. It’s why we can’t ignore it. Almost all the good things on earth came from nature but it’s like we can never see that. Now that global warming is becoming a more serious issue, there is nothing we could really do other than depending on nature. Ice on the arctic and antartica will melt. Cities and countries such as Jakarta and the netherlands can potentially drown just because of it.
            Pollution right now is the number one enemy for humans, it’s because of us that pollution exist in the first place. We ruined environments and habitats for animals and now they are suffering too, the air in the city of Beijing is now so polluted, you really can’t get a clear sky view again there. Children with respiratory problems are the main victims here, the air there is so bad that it is recommended that they move to other cities with fresher air. Water pollution can be very dangerous as well, with only really 1-3 % of all water on earth is fresh water and only a fraction of all the fresh water in the world that is good enough for us to consume. We really need to conserve that as well.

            Problems like those are quite dangerous but the solution is actually quite simple. plant more trees, don’t cut trees for buildings, don’t throw your trash to the river, lake, or ocean, use cars and motorcycles that are environmentally friendly, recycle, reuse, reduce things, etc. all those things can make the planet a better place for us, our children, and nature itself. We need to create a condition where we and nature can be mutually beneficial to each other. That is where I think we can learn from nature. The key word here is to protect each other. And make the world a better place.

Minggu, 12 Maret 2017

A Crossword puzzle that I made

1.       Where you get coffee
2.       Short for “In case that”
3.       It pumps your blood
4.       The king’s wife
5.       Synonym of deliver
6.       The meat of sheep
7.       A machine that produces motions
8.       The opposite of taking off (for planes)
9.       Where animals live in a city
10.   A machine that you use to look at your bones
11.   You use this to eat cereal and soup
12.   You do this to make a grave
13.   You do this to pick the president of your choice
14.   Scary stuff, you usually can’t see one
15.   You ….. on your clothes

1.       Short for identification
2.       Mind the …
3.       Antonym of real
4.       You do this to make money
5.       Short for vitamin
6.       I wanna hooold your ……
7.       Kids love to play with this
8.       ………….. THE KRAKEN!!!
9.       Where you eat
10.   You get these from trees and you eat it
11.   This language
12.   Roses are red, ……….. are blue

Senin, 30 Januari 2017

Trip to Bukit Moko (my last holiday)

The time was mid December 2016. me and my friends are looking for a fun trip where we can spent our time together. it doesnt have to be long and expensive. So we decide to have a fun little trip in Bandung. Since most of my friends are tired being in the city and dealing with traffic jams, pollution etc. we agree that the holiday will be spent in a villa near Bukit Moko. The villa is owned by Cahaya (one of my friend who joined the trip), the trip was a short 2 days long, and in the second day we planned to hike to bukit Moko. The first day we were just relaxing and chatting in the villa, since we havent really spend a long time together we were just sharing our experiences in each other schools and the problems that we were dealing with. it was quite a nice day. but we were just preparing for tomorrow. when the second day came, we were ready. we bring only the important things such as handphones and wallet, and we were good to go after a nice breakfast. the trip was quite long, and the road was not very flat. so much uphills and downhills with very steep angles but at least the view was magnificent. Bandung was the main view at that time, big buildings looking like ants from up there. the trip was exhausting but we eventually arrived at the main entrance of Bukit Moko, the entrance was quite small but you can see it from far away because there are a line of tall trees that you can see near it. It was weird to be there honestly, because the view was very clear from up there but inside the forest itself was quite foggy. And it was very cold up there, luckily we came with our sweaters so it doesn't really bother us. Up there we just enjoyed the moment while eating Indomie in a near warung with a beautiful scenery. we have a great time there and i'm really looking forward to go there again with my friends.

Feeling Grateful

This morning, I was up late for school. I showered like lightning and I didn't have time for breakfast. I can't afford to be late be...