Minggu, 12 Maret 2017

A Crossword puzzle that I made

1.       Where you get coffee
2.       Short for “In case that”
3.       It pumps your blood
4.       The king’s wife
5.       Synonym of deliver
6.       The meat of sheep
7.       A machine that produces motions
8.       The opposite of taking off (for planes)
9.       Where animals live in a city
10.   A machine that you use to look at your bones
11.   You use this to eat cereal and soup
12.   You do this to make a grave
13.   You do this to pick the president of your choice
14.   Scary stuff, you usually can’t see one
15.   You ….. on your clothes

1.       Short for identification
2.       Mind the …
3.       Antonym of real
4.       You do this to make money
5.       Short for vitamin
6.       I wanna hooold your ……
7.       Kids love to play with this
8.       ………….. THE KRAKEN!!!
9.       Where you eat
10.   You get these from trees and you eat it
11.   This language
12.   Roses are red, ……….. are blue

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