Senin, 30 Januari 2017

Trip to Bukit Moko (my last holiday)

The time was mid December 2016. me and my friends are looking for a fun trip where we can spent our time together. it doesnt have to be long and expensive. So we decide to have a fun little trip in Bandung. Since most of my friends are tired being in the city and dealing with traffic jams, pollution etc. we agree that the holiday will be spent in a villa near Bukit Moko. The villa is owned by Cahaya (one of my friend who joined the trip), the trip was a short 2 days long, and in the second day we planned to hike to bukit Moko. The first day we were just relaxing and chatting in the villa, since we havent really spend a long time together we were just sharing our experiences in each other schools and the problems that we were dealing with. it was quite a nice day. but we were just preparing for tomorrow. when the second day came, we were ready. we bring only the important things such as handphones and wallet, and we were good to go after a nice breakfast. the trip was quite long, and the road was not very flat. so much uphills and downhills with very steep angles but at least the view was magnificent. Bandung was the main view at that time, big buildings looking like ants from up there. the trip was exhausting but we eventually arrived at the main entrance of Bukit Moko, the entrance was quite small but you can see it from far away because there are a line of tall trees that you can see near it. It was weird to be there honestly, because the view was very clear from up there but inside the forest itself was quite foggy. And it was very cold up there, luckily we came with our sweaters so it doesn't really bother us. Up there we just enjoyed the moment while eating Indomie in a near warung with a beautiful scenery. we have a great time there and i'm really looking forward to go there again with my friends.

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